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The Power of Memorials

Be it a tragedy on the scale of the Asian tsunami in December 2004, or a natural death from old age, all over the world people leave this earth every second. Statisticians have calculated that the world mortality rate is 107 deaths per minute, and for each death those left behind have the chance to establish a memorial in that person's honor.

How Memorials Can Help Us

Memorials and memorialization is a powerful concept. They serve both the living and the deceased on multiple levels.

First and foremost, memorials are a way for the living to remember those who have passed away. They can be revisited as and when to remember a life and what that life contributed to our lives.

On a deeper level, memorials provide the living with a focus in grief. A typical response when we lose someone close to us is to feel bereft of life without meaning. A memorial in honor of the deceased can help us bring together our thoughts and feelings, clearing our minds to make space for the future.

Spiritually, memorials help us to begin to understand our loss, and to trust in God. They provide us with comfort that our loved ones are in a better place, and that some day we will be reunited with them.

But that day is not this day - a memorial should remind us of that fact too. Life is for living, and a memorial in honor of those we love can act to spur us on to a greater appreciation of life too.

With this much power, choosing an appropriate memorial that can be all these things for the rest of our lives is a decision that requires careful thought. Visiting an online memorials supplier, where a range of memorials can be viewed and compared against each other, is recommended as it gives the opportunity to select a memorial that is 'just right' for its purpose.