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A Guide to Bronze Memorials

Bronze memorials are made from bronze: a strong and hard-wearing metal alloy. It is formed from a copper and tin mix - tin generally accounting for no more than 5% of the alloy.

Often, elements like silicon, lead and zinc are added to the alloy to increase its strength and to provide it with other desirable properties.

Bronze is also water resistant. It is impervious to corrosion and does not degrade over time. In short, bronze is the perfect material from which to make memorial products that will endure for an eternity.

Types of Bronze Memorials

Bronze memorials come in many shapes and sizes. They are suitable for memorialization of loved ones both in an indoor and outdoor setting. Below is a brief summary of the main types of bronze memorials available from bronze memorial providers.

Bronze Memorial Headstones

Bronze is the premier material used for casting bronze grave markers. When solidifying from its molten state, bronze expands. This special property helps bronze to produce high definition bronze memorials, and is especially desirable when casting bronze memorial headstones. If a bronze memorial is used for companions and one person is still living, then a bronze death date scroll will be used to add the final death date of the surviving spouse.

Bronze Cremation Urns

Cremation urns fashioned from bronze are one of the most popular types of cremation urn available today. Buyers will find an impressive selection of bronze urns, including cast bronze memorials and sculpted bronze memorials.

Bronze Statues

Bronze memorial statues are often used by the bereaved to mark burial plots in cemeteries. Before investing in a bronze memorial statue buyers are advised to check that bronze memorial statues are acceptable memorial items in the cemetery concerned.