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Caring for Bronze Plaques

Bronze plaques are widely used in memorialization. In cemeteries, bronze plaques often form part of a headstone or grave marker. On a smaller scale, bronze plaques marking the passing of a life may adorn cremation urns, flag cases or even act as standalone wall mounted memorials in honor of the deceased. Bronze plaques are also used to add a final death date to an existing bronze grave marker and are often referred to as bronze date of death scrolls.

Regardless of the nature in which bronze plaques are used, the alloy from which they are made, just like most other metals, does have a tendency to oxidize over time. Bronze plaques darken and acquire a greenish hue when this process continues unchecked. Regular maintenance of the bronze plaque is therefore essential if its original luster is to be preserved. Below we offer advice on how best to care for bronze plaques.

Bronze Plaque Care #1 - Cleaning: Bronze plaques that are housed indoors require only minimal cleaning to keep them in good condition. A rinse down with a mild soap and water mixture is recommended at least twice each year, along with regular dusting using a soft duster or brush. If the bronze plaque is situated outdoors, a wash with a mild soapy water once every three months is advisable.

Bronze Plaque Care #2 - Waxing: Wax helps to protect bronze plaques from acids and dirt in the atmosphere, and also from the ravages of the weather. An appropriate wax should be chosen for the bronze plaque patina - stores retailing wax products should be able to advise you on this score. The wax should be applied liberally to the bronze plaque and allowed to dry. A cloth should then be used to buff the bronze plaque, removing wax residue in the process.

It is advisable to wax bronze plaques one to two times each year. There's no such thing as waxing bronze plaques too often!

Bronze Plaque Care #3 - Things to Avoid: During cleaning never use solvents or harsh chemicals on bronze plaques. It is also advisable to avoid any abrasive materials such as steel wool or sandpaper when caring for bronze plaques..