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Regulations for Cemetery Memorials

When someone dies, interment of the body in cemetery grounds is one of the options available as a final arrangement. Naturally, should the bereaved opt to bury the deceased on a cemetery burial plot, cemetery memorials such as headstones, grave markers or other memorial arrangements may be chosen.

For the bereaved charged with procuring the cemetery memorial it is strongly recommended that advice from the cemetery be sought before the cemetery memorial purchase is made. Cemeteries often have strict regulations in place governing what type of cemetery memorials are acceptable in their cemetery. What's more, regulations on cemetery memorials do differ between cemeteries located throughout the country.

Regulations Governing Cemetery Memorials - The Basics

Although there are differences, most cemeteries employ a few rules on siting cemetery memorials on their cemetery grounds that are similar. Here we identify some of these cemetery memorial axioms.

Upright Cemetery Memorials: Most cemeteries restrict the height of upright cemetery memorial headstones for obvious reasons. Some cemeteries do not allow upright headstones to be used at all.

Cemetery Memorial Materials: Many cemeteries limit the materials used in the construction of cemetery memorials. While most cemeteries allow granite to be used, many disallow the use of marble. Some cemeteries only allow bronze on granite markers while others will only allow the bronze plaque to be mounted to a concrete base.

Trees, Plants & Flowers: The bereaved may want to plant trees, plants or flowers in the ground near the grave as cemetery memorials. In most cases these types of cemetery memorials are strictly forbidden without the express consent of the cemetery concerned.

While these are just a few of the regulations commonly heard of, it is wise to consult with your cemetery before purchasing cemetery memorials.