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Cremation Memorials

Over the last 25 years the demand for cremation in the US has increased dramatically. More than 28% of all final arrangements are now cremations, and by 2025 the Cremation Association of North America expects this figure to have jumped to around 46%. Naturally, just as with burials, the bereaved of cremated individuals choose to memorialize the life of the deceased. Cremation memorials suitable for this purpose are numerous, and include cremation memorials that can be displayed in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Cremation Memorials: The Options

Cremation Urns

Cremation urns, in which the ashes of the deceased are securely held, lead the way in cremation memorials. Cremation memorial urns are available in a wide range of materials and designs. For strength and durability, cremation memorial urns cast from solid bronze are highly recommended. At the other end of the spectrum, biodegradable paper urns that dissolve in water within 2-3 days are popular for sea burials.

Interment of cremation memorial urns below ground is another option open to the bereaved. If this arrangement is chosen, additional cremation memorials may be appropriate to mark the plot in which the urn is buried. Suitable cremation memorials for this purpose include headstones, memorial plaques and memorial statues.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation memorials can take a more personalized form too. Cremation memorial pendants and other cremation jewelry, in which a small portion of the cremated remains are stored, allow the bereaved to always be close to the deceased. Some cremation memorial jewelry may have suitable surfaces onto which a laser engraved image of the deceased can be etched. This would make for a fitting visual tribute to the life of a loved one who has now departed this earth.

Cremation Memorial Rocks

Cremation memorials are also available in the form of cremation memorial rocks. These are manufactured boulders from reinforced concrete made to look like a natural stone and hold the cremated remains of an individual. They can be placed in a memorial garden or the back yard of ones home. They are truely remarkable in their appearance and durable enough to last a lifetime.