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Arranging Pre-Need Grave Memorials

Arranging your own funeral years in advance may seem like a slightly macabre proposition. Stop to think about doing so though, and it is easy to see why setting aside funeral funds and buying pre-need grave memorials is a good move.

The Rising Cost of Memorialization

Like funerals, the cost of memorialization continues to increase with each passing year. Since 2000 the cost of some grave memorials has increased by as much as 15% above the rate of inflation. Some grave memorial suppliers now charge more than $2000 for a companion bronze grave memorials, while the cost of sandblasted granite grave memorials can be in excess of $1000.

Moreover, analysts agree that the price of grave memorials is not going to fall any time soon. Increased production costs for grave memorial manufacturers combined with inflation are likely to only push the cost of grave memorials skywards in the future. It is certainly a compelling argument that comes out in favor of arranging pre-need grave memorials.

Pre-need Grave Memorials

Pre-need grave memorials are grave memorials that are pre-ordered / pre-purchased in advance of when they are needed. The items are secured at today's prices, proofing the grave memorials purchased against future cost increases.

Grave memorial headstones on which a memorial epitaph is carved are the types of grave memorial that could be purchased in advance as pre-need items. The epitaph may be carved now, a blank space being left on the grave memorial headstone for the death date. An instruction would then need to be left with surviving family members so the death date is added at the time of the funeral.

Pre-need grave memorials offer the opportunity for the living to arrange how others will see them when they are gone. It makes economical sense, and will reduce the burden on the bereaved in what will ultimately be a sad and difficult time.