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Choosing Symbols for Use on Infant & Child Memorials

The death of a child is a harrowing experience that some of us must live through. Choosing infant or child memorials with which to honor the life of that child is distressing, but necessary.

Why is choosing an infant & child memorial necessary? Infant or child memorials won't take away the pain of loss, but in time they will help to make the act of remembering an easier experience to handle. A memorial is your crutch to begin with, and then your platform from which to build a new life and to move on.

Symbolism on Infant & Child Memorials

To guide you through the difficult process of choosing infant or child memorials, we have assembled below a list of symbols and their meanings that are commonly associated with these memorials. We hope that this will make it easier for you to decide upon a suitable infant or child memorial for your circumstances.

Butterfly: A butterfly represents the soul. It signifies a short life - the butterfly transforming from caterpillar (life) through chrysalis (death) to butterfly (resurrection) in only a short space of time.

Cross: The Cross is the most powerful of all Christian symbols. It represents faith and asks you to trust in God.

Daisy: Representative of innocence. Infant & child memorials on which a daisy is inscribed signifies the innocence of a child.

Lamb: The lamb of innocence is commonly associated with infant & child memorials, especially in Catholic belief.

Rose: Representative of the age of death. A rosebud on an infant & child memorial often signals a child under the age of 12. A rose in partial bloom symbolizes a teenager. A broken rosebud denotes a life cut short.

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