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Ideas for Memorial Gifts

To see a friend or family member struggle with the pain of bereavement is a saddening experience. It is at times like these that they need the support of the living - your support. Yet, when we look at the situation from outside we tend to worry about impinging on the personal space of the bereaved or otherwise being an annoyance to them. How best then can we convey that we understand their pain and are always there for them, no matter what the circumstances? Answer: memorial gifts.

The Power of Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are a solution to this conundrum. They offer a gentle non-intrusive reminder to the bereaved, which remains with them long after the funeral has passed.

Memorial gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Memorial gifts include garden memorials, indoor memorials and ceramic picture memorials. One of the most often sent memorial gifts are pieces of memorial jewelry, some of which have the space to commission a memorial inscription on the rear.

Here are some ideas memorial gifts to help you choose suitable memorial gifts for your circumstances.

Memorial Gift Ideas

Laser Engraved Pendants: Modern day laser technology allows memorial gifts to be laser inscribed with an image. This could be an image of the deceased or a composite photo of the deceased and the living. Photo keepsake pendants can be produced as memorial gifts from digital photos and printed photos.

Cremation Jewelry: Cremation jewelry on which an epitaph may be inscribed is a popular way to express feelings to the bereaved. As memorial gifts they are best supplied with a glass dome display in which the pendant can be kept.

Garden Memorial Rocks: These are truly unique gifts as they can be placed in a back yard garden in honor of a loved one. They can also be used as dedication memorials or recognition plaques.

Headstone Ceramic Pictures: Ceramic pictures onto which an image of the deceased may be transferred again serve the purpose of memorial gift ideas well. The memorial is suitable for display both inside and outdoors, the ceramic being resistant to weather damage.