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Tips on Buying Memorial Headstones

When burial is the final arrangement for the deceased, buying a memorial headstone with which to mark the grave becomes a priority. There are many types of memorial headstones to choose from for this purpose, memorial headstones cast from bronze or granite being the most durable, and so most frequently used.

But, buying a memorial headstone merely on personal taste alone could spell trouble for the bereaved. Many cemeteries have strict rules on the types of memorial headstones that they'll allow onto their burial grounds. Some may even object to the color of granite selected on a granite memorial headstone or refuse memorial headstones that do not conform to a certain sizing criteria.

Cemetery Regulations: Do your research!

Before spending money on a memorial headstone, it is strongly recommended that the cemetery where the intended burial is to take place is approached and questioned. Cemeteries should answer your queries about what types of memorial headstones are allowed on their burial ground, enabling you to plan your memorial headstone purchase with confidence.

Questions to ask and information to find out should include...

1) Memorial Headstone Size: Is there a minimum and/or maximum restriction on the dimensions of the headstone?

2) Memorial Headstone Type: What types of memorial headstone are allowed? Options open to the bereaved are normally upright memorial headstones, flat memorial headstones that are stepped up from the ground and memorial headstones that are flush to the ground.

3) Vase Inclusions: Many memorial headstones come with an option to include an integrated vase for graveside flower arrangements. Are integrated vases permitted on headstones inside the cemetery?

4) Color Restrictions: Are there any granite color restrictions that apply to the memorial headstones? This can be as relevant for bronze memorial headstones as it is for granite memorial headstones.

5) Delivery & Installation: What are the procedures for delivery and installation of the memorial headstone? Is a fee levied for installation?

One final note: The cemetery where the burial is to take place may offer you a selection of headstones for you to consider for purchasing. It is however advisable to consult online memorial stores during the purchase process, as you may very well find the same or similar memorial headstones at substantially discounted prices.