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Memorial Jewelry: Handcrafted to Perfection

Memorial jewelry are fine jewelry items in which small amounts of cremated remains or other miniature items of sentimental value may be placed and permanently sealed. Types and designs of memorial jewelry are numerous. These include memorial jewelry pendants crafted from brass, pewter and quartz, as well as memorial rings containing semiprecious stones.

Two of the more popular types of memorial jewelry available today are memorial pendants handcrafted from 14k gold and pendants made from sterling silver. Each piece is created by the hands of skilled artisans, many of whom use the lost wax casting technique to form unique designs that are as special in character as the life that the memorial jewelry piece is to honor.

Gold & Silver Memorial Jewelry: The Handcrafting Process

Goldsmiths and silversmiths begin the design process with a paper and pencil. The design for the memorial jewelry is first sketched out, after which it is translated by hand into a 3D wax carving, normally using a hard wax.

A plaster mold of the the hard wax model is then produced, the mold heated until the wax melts out. At this stage,14k gold or sterling silver is melted down to liquid form and poured into the plaster mold. It is then allowed to cool, the resulting memorial jewelry piece reflecting perfectly the plaster mold, even down to the finest of details.

The next process is to finish the memorial jewelry. This involves grinding, filing and polishing the metal to achieve the bright sheen associated with 14k gold memorial jewelry pendants and sterling silver memorial jewelry pendants. Finally, engravings are added to the memorial jewelry, personalizing the piece in tribute to those who have passed away.