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Delivery & Installation of Memorial Markers

Choosing and purchasing a memorial marker is an important step if the deceased's final arrangement is interment. Memorial markers (headstones) are available in a variety of formats and styles to suit different needs and tastes.

However, before settling on a specific type of memorial marker is is strongly recommended that the cemetery where the burial takes place is consulted. Different cemeteries have different rules and regulations governing what types of memorial markers are acceptable on their cemetery grounds. If the type of memorial marker you purchase does not conform to the cemetery's criteria, then buying a memorial marker may have just become very costly indeed.


Another reason for consulting with the cemetery before making your purchase is to establish their procedures for delivery and installation of memorial markers.

The bereaved often find that it is logistically easier and less distressing to have their memorial markers directly shipped to the cemetery and installed by the cemetery.

All suppliers of memorial markers offer a direct ship service to specified cemeteries, although some may not ship memorial markers to cemeteries outside their home state. It is therefore best to check with the supplier before making your memorial marker purchase.

Most cemeteries should be able to accept deliveries of memorial markers, no matter where they are shipped from. The cemetery though may require that specific delivery instructions be conveyed to the supplier at the time the memorial marker is ordered. This helps to avoid any problems upon delivery of memorial markers to the cemetery.


For the bereaved it may come as a surprise that cemeteries often levy a fee for the installation of memorial markers. The fee varies from cemetery to cemetery and typically could be anywhere between $50 - $700, depending upon the size of the memorial markers installed.

It is possible to install a memorial marker yourself in most cemeteries. However, unless you have specific skills in this area, self installation is not recommended.