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Memorial Plaques: 4 Factors to Consider When Buying One

Memorial plaques are common tributes to the deceased. They are found in cemeteries right across our nation and in almost every other country around the world.

When memorialization became established in the United States, memorial plaques made from sandstone were common. Unfortunately, sandstone is a soft rock. It weathers over time, eroding and erasing the carefully scripted epitaphs on the memorial plaques away to nothing.

In our modern era, memorial plaques made of more resilient materials have replaced sandstone as the memorial plaque fabric of choice. Memorial plaques formed from bronze, granite and construction-grade cast stone, all of which can withstand weather extremes for centuries, are now commonly available.

In fact, so expansive is the choice of memorial plaques today that deciding upon which memorial plaque to buy is no longer such a straightforward process! To help you arrive at your memorial plaque purchase decision, we've listed below 4 important factors that you should consider when buying your memorial plaque.

Memorial Plaques Purchase Factor #1: Size

When choosing a memorial plaque for use as a headstone in a cemetery, size matters. Many cemeteries may allow only memorial plaques of a particular dimension. You should therefore contact the cemetery where the memorial plaque is to be placed and question them about size restrictions on memorial plaques.

Memorial Plaques Purchase Factor #2: Color

Choosing a color for a memorial plaque is largely down to personal preference. For bronze memorial plaques a shade of brown is a popular color choice, but bronze memorial plaques are also available in black, rose red and emerald green. There are color choices to be made for granite memorial plaques too, the granite typically varying between white/gray and pink/red. Some cemeteries may have restrictions in place on memorial plaque color.

Memorial Plaques Purchase Factor #3: Lettering

The epitaph is often the most important factor to consider when buying a memorial plaque. Think carefully about the words that you wish to have inscribed on the memorial plaque, and make sure that you order a memorial plaque of sufficient size to accommodate comfortably everything that you want to say.

Memorial Plaques Purchase Factor #4: Delivery

Buyers are likely to have the choice of where to have their memorial plaques delivered. In most cases they can have them delivered direct to the cemetery and in some cases they can be delivered to the home. Choosing a cemetery delivery is generally a lot more convenient.