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Memorial Products: Advice for the Bereaved on Selecting One

The death of a loved one is a painful experience - an experience that we all have our own way of coping with. In time, when the grief subsides enough for us to continue in some way with our lives, our attention switches to memorialization.

Memorial products, through which we may pay tributes to our loved ones, offer us the best route to remembrance. They can be a comfort to us in grief and a guiding light for us when all else around seems dark. In short, memorial products are a platform from which we can build a meaningful future.

Deciding upon an appropriate memorial product to serve this purpose well is a very personal act. It can also be a decision that is influenced by the manner of the final arrangement of the deceased. If interment was chosen, the memorial product may be a headstone. If the final arrangement was cremation then a cremation urn could be the more suitable choice of memorial product.

Listed below are some ideas for memorial products that lend themselves well to the different final arrangements.

Interment Memorial Products

Memorial Headstones: Memorial headstones are the standard memorial product employed to mark a grave and a life that has passed. Headstones are made from bronze or granite - two types of tough and weather-resistant material that furnish these types of memorial products with a timeless quality.

Memorial Statues: Statues of a religious nature augment memorial headstones well within a cemetery. These memorial products provide the bereaved with an additional channel of remembrance alongside the headstone. Statues may also help the bereaved preserve a special memory about the life of the deceased through time.

Garden Memorial Products: Memorialization at a plot where a cremation urn is buried is common. Garden memorial products such as memorial rocks as well as flowers and trees planted in memory of the deceased at the plot will serve this purpose well.

Cremation Memorial Products

Cremation Urns: Cremation urns, in which the cremated remains of the deceased are held, can of course be displayed above ground too. As a memorial product, a cremation urn may act as a standalone memorial or form the centerpiece of a larger display.

Cremation Jewelry: Jewelry containing a small proportion of the cremated remains provide the bereaved with a very personal memorial to the deceased. They are the type of memorial product that allow the bereaved to be close to the deceased at all times.