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Popular Designs of Memorial Statues

Memorial statues have been a part of memorialization for centuries. As far back as the ancient Chinese, the living have created statues as monuments to honor the deceased.

Our long association with memorial statues is no more so apparent than in Ancient Egypt. Here, more than 1500 years before the birth of Christianity, Egyptians carved out block statues in the form of the deceased. The memorial statues were placed in the tombs of the dead for it was believed that the life-force or Ka would inhabit these memorial statue forms, enabling the deceased to travel into and exist in the afterlife.

Today, memorial statues continue to mirror our spiritual beliefs. They are an expression of memorialization that is symbolic on many different levels. How each individual connects with a memorial statue now is very much a personal matter.

Memorial Statue Designs

The most popular types of memorial statues in the US are spiritual figures in a white or light gray color that can be positioned either indoors or outdoors. A weather-resistant and highly durable material such as granite or bonded marble is frequently chosen for memorial statues. Bonded marble is favored over natural marble because of its superior strength.

Popular memorial statue designs include...

Jesus & Mary Memorial Statues: Statues depicting Jesus and/or Mary with heads bowed towards the ground or arms raised to heaven are frequently found in cemeteries and memorial gardens across the nation. Both types of memorial statue are suitable as standalone memorials or as an adornment to an existing memorial monument.

Saint Memorial Statues: Saint Frances of Assisi and Saint Theresa are among the many saintly renderings that are available as memorial statues. Again, these memorial statues are suitable as standalone memorials or as augmentations to existing monuments.

Angel Memorial Statues: Angels in both child and adult form are frequently requested by the bereaved. The traditional image of angels in a childlike form tends to be the most popular type of angel memorial statue.