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A Guide to Composing Memorial Verses

When someone we love dies, putting into words our feelings is a difficult and often painful process. There are so many things that we want to say, but when the time comes to compose a meaningful memorial verse for a headstone or plaque inscription, all too often those words escape us.

In this situation the one thing that we must not do is settle for the first memorial verse that comes into our heads. Memorial verses take time to compose, and so time should be allowed to carefully recall those special moments shared with loved ones, what they meant then and what they mean now. Remember, these words on a memorial verse will stay with you and your family for the rest of your lives.

The Power of Writing Memorial Verses

Writing memorial verses for an epitaph inscription, although painful, will help you through the grieving process. It provides a focus for your thoughts and emotions, releasing your mind from the turmoil, if only temporarily.

In fact, many people have found that just sitting down to compose a memorial verse fills them with a sense of calm - some to the point that they are able to think ahead rationally for the first time in a long while.

Inspiration for Memorial Verses

Composing memorial verses can and should involve other family members affected by the death. Even if you take on the responsibility of drafting the memorial verse yourself, just asking others to read through the memorial verses can help them find a way through grief.

Family and friends are also a source of inspiration when composing memorial verses. Everyone will have a different and special memory of the deceased, and this can help in building a meaningful and beautiful dedication that captures the essence of the departed.