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Buying Tombstones for Companion Burials

Deciding upon a final arrangement and choosing how you wish to be remembered is an important and very personal experience. When burial is chosen, one option for couples to consider is interment in the same grave.

Most cemeteries offer side by side burial plots or double depth grave plots to accommodate companion burials. Purchase of the companion grave plot may be arranged at the time of first burial, so guaranteeing a plot for the second casket at a later date.

Naturally, a tombstone for the companion burial will also be required. Tombstones provide those we leave behind with a focus for memorialization. When we lose someone close to us, the need to remember that life is a natural human instinct. Tombstones offer a way for the bereaved to do this, as well as providing a pathway for the bereaved to move on with their lives while keeping the memory of the deceased alive.

Companion Tombstones

For couples who opt for a companion burial a companion tombstone tends to be the tombstone of choice. Companion tombstones are large headstones on which the names and death dates of both of the deceased are carved. Commonly, the tombstone is purchased at first death with a space left to inscribe the memorial details of the second deceased at the appropriate time.

Companion tombstones are made of bronze and granite. These tombstone materials are tough and very durable. They are capable of withstanding erosion for several centuries, if not millennia.

Bronze companion tombstones are cast from solid bronze. They are hand finished with fine detail and are often mounted on a granite plaque. Prices for bronze companion tombstones start at around $1200.

Granite companion tombstones are shaped from natural granite. Available in a variety of colors and designs, this type of tombstone is sawn and shaped to provide a beautiful memorial. Memorial inscriptions are etched deep into the granite by a process known as sandblasting. This insures that the epitaph in memory of the deceased will live on undimmed forever.